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An award will be given at the Fall Banquet on November 3, 2024 to the member that has recorded the most hours ridden on trails this year between November 6, 2023 and October 31, 2024.  A Participation Drawing will also be awarded. This will be a drawing of a name from the non-winners who have turned in their tally sheet for the year.

All forms must be completed and received by November 2, 2024 in order for the hours to be tallied prior to the Banquet. Time spent in a ring for training, lessons, clinics or shows will not count.  Any time ridden even out of your own location will count. All CTRA members are eligible to enter. This includes junior members as well. All hours complied need not be on the same animal. The hours tallied are on the member not the animal. Miles ridden will be used as a tie breaker this year. Should additional room be needed a sheet with the added information can be attached. 


Please mail all sheets to the address listed below.

Happy Trails!

Mail forms to:

Sharon King

30 Harris Street

Berlin, CT  06037


Click here for hours form:

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